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Hi, I'm Justine

Founder of The Jungle Body Netherlands / The Jungle Body Amsterdam and Ambassador of the Netherlands! I am originally from the South West of England and moved to Amsterdam in 2018. I launched The Jungle Body here with the ambition to share the world's most fierce workout to communities in the Netherlands. Throughout this journey I have grown as an individual, become more confident, improved my fitness and brought together a beautiful tribe!

My focus and motivation is to share the love of movement, music and good energy. I am thankful for the opportunity to create an atmosphere inclusive for all to let loose, build confidence and feel empowered! The bonus is the amazing workout where we get to dance, sweat and drop it like its hot!


The Jungle Body is for everybody! I encourage you to join the tribe, workout at your own pace, lose yourself in the music and enjoy the positive electric vibes! 




What an amazing teacher, Justine has so much energy. Incredible.

This Brit will keep your adrenaline going, fabulous experience, thank you! 


Katya, January 2020




Has been sharing her energetic good vibes with the tribe since 2020, showing the most incredible support & organising the coolest meet ups. Since qualifying as a BURN instructor in 2021 Hannah quickly became a force to be reckoned with sharing her infectious energy with the tribe.



Become a qualified The Jungle Body® Instructor

Make friends and get support from our Global Instructor Network


Access endless resources to help you build your tribe

Challenge yourself to learn new skills, grow your business all whilst empowering others. 

Be part of this exciting movement by offering the hottest party workout classes for all to enjoy in the Netherlands

Join the tribe in the Netherlands and become part of this ever growing inspiring community! Be your own boss whilst empowering, motivating and uplifting others!

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